Laying Foundations + Providing Oppourtunities

Our program provides education combined with lectures and hands-on experience to prepare our future leaders with career development, entrepreneurship, creative skills, and solutions to jump feet-first into the Entertainment and Hospitality industry. Our internship and work-study program is dedicated to laying a solid foundation that builds and supports a self-sustaining, creative community that provides opportunities to teens and their families. 

Understanding the Pear Journey

The Year Of Foundation

In their first year with us, students begin by learning the foundation of Pearology - the art and study behind Pearwoods’ event branding and hospitality. Students will be introduced to all our creative fields of theatrics, floral, custom artistry and hospitality. 

The Year Of Dedication

In their second year our students choose a lane of craft and begin their training in their chosen line of study. Each student will dive deep into the history, foundation, and safety of their field. They will also assist in prep and detail work. 

The Year of Specialization

In the third year, our students will continue to focus and dig their toes into the finer-tuned aspects of their chosen specialty. They will also focus on multitasking, attention to detail, industry awareness, time management, problem-solving, and effective communication. 

The Year of Creative Expression

In their final year, our students will finish out our program in leadership roles and to show off all they’ve learned, they will curate an event from start to finish. Collaborating together with their mentors now as their personal support team. 

Areas Of Study

Hospitality + Event Management

Taught + Mentored By:
James DeWalt, Owner of DeWalt Productions

  • Tablescaping 
  • Presentation  
  • Serving 
  • Plates Passed Service
  • Luxury Buffet Catering 
  • Cocktail Service 
  • Beverage Service 
  • Menu Curation 

Connecting with Nature

Taught + Mentored By:
Empress Taren Kay, CEO of Pearwood Brands

  • Floral + Foliage Library 
  • Care + Preparation 
  • Preservation + Drying 
  • Form + Structure 
  • Sustainability 

Theatric Design + Custom Artistry

Taught + Mentored By:
GiaVonni Rié, Co-owner of Pearwood Brands

  • Lighting + Audio
  • Set + Backdrop Design 
  • Prop Ideations + Creation
  • Digital + Print Graphics 
  • Woodworking 
  • Theme Development 

Greg, BPLA
Camden High Campus, Class of 2026

Brittany, BPLA
Camden High Campus, Class of 2023

Dejanea, BPLA
Camden High Campus, Class of 2023

Jakir, BPLA
Camden High Campus, Class of 2023

Andre, BPLA
Camden High Campus, Class of 2023

Mason, BPLA
Camden High Campus, Class of 2023

Guided + Supported

At graduation, we aim for our students to leave with 3+ years of work experience with specializations in specific equipment and management processes to curate and design an incredible event from start to finish. Each student leaves with recommendation letters and proof of all experiences. In addition, we will offer some of our students job opportunities within Pearwood Brands itself, in addition to job opportunities with our Pearwood Partners as they become available.

Some Of Our Pear Partners

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